Tariscope 4.5 is the latest version

Tariscope 4.5 is the latest version
29 December 2020
Tariscope is a family of call accounting and billing systems.
Tariscope 4.5.4 is the latest version of the system. This is a fully web version. The desktop application is not supported.
There are two editions:
Tariscope Enterprise is a telephone call accounting system for internal corporate use.
Tariscope Provider is a billing system for telecom operators.
The Tariscope installation package allows you to install the Tariscope Web application, the Tariscope database, Tariscope Personal Area and other applications, as well as the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express edition. During the installation process, you can select the necessary components for installation.
The Tariscope installation is used for both the Tariscope Enterprise edition and the Tariscope Provider edition.
How to install Tariscope read in the next article.
How to configure Tariscope, see the document "Tariscope 4.x. Administrator Guide."
If you are upgrading Tariscope from previous versions, make sure you have warranty or post-warranty support. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the updated version.  
Before upgrading, we recommend that you back up the Tariscope database. During the installation, select Tariscope application only or update.
See the changes of the Tariscope versions on the page.
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